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Looking to learn more about the {{mpg_h1}}? Read below for an overview of this camera lens, various features the {{mpg_h1}} offers, and other specifications.

{{mpg_h1}} Specifications


{{mpg_h1}} Features

The {{mpg_h1}} was released on {{mpg_date}}at a starting price of ${{mpg_price}}USD.

The AF motor for the {{mpg_h1}} is {{mpg_af_motor}}. This lens also {{mpg_manual_focus}}a manual focus feature and comes in {{mpg_color}}.

It contains {{mpg_lens_number}} built in lenses, {{mpg_group_number}} lens groups, and {{mpg_diameter_blades}} diameter blades.


The aperture size for this camera lens is {{mpg_aperture}}.

Filter Diameter

The filter diameter for the {{mpg_h1}} is {{mpg_filter_diameter}}mm, with a maximum diameter of {{mpg_max_diameter}}mm.


When it comes to ergonomics, the {{mpg_h1}} sits at a length of {{mpg_length}}mm and weighs about {{mpg_weight}} grams.

Mount Type

The mount type for the {{mpg_h1}} is a {{mpg_mount_type}} and will fit in those specific types of camera bodies that will properly seat the {{mpg_mount_type}} mount type.